Armitt Family History

Where I started

My great grandfather John Armitt 1861-1936 was born in a small village, Heaton, in rural Staffordshire England but he married and raised a family in the 'Cottonopolis' of Manchester. He and his siblings went into service before moving out to other areas. It was great to discover that my research has been confirmed by DNA. A new and exciting area it does feel important to ensure we leave a sample for future generations as it is one record that can not be obtained after our death.

My trail took me to Seattle USA to discover my Paternal grandmother's, brother had emmigrated in 1913 and the Seychelles via an American link to a way around a brick wall about my maternal grandmother's first marriage

I started my research long before the websites of today and I have pursued a free online course with future learn created by Strathclyde University before adding the wonders of online searching but I always apply the Proof Standard.

Genealogical Proof Standard

The purpose of the Genealogical Proof Standard is to show what the minimums are that a genealogist must do for his or her work to be credible.

There are five elements to the Genealogical Proof Standard:

Reasonably exhaustive research has been conducted.

Each statement of fact has a complete and accurate source citation.

The evidence is reliable and has been skillfully correlated and interpreted.

Any contradictory evidence has been resolved.

The conclusion has been soundly reasoned and coherently written.

Any proof statement is subject to re-evaluation when new evidence arises.

I decided to use the umbrella of the Guild of One Name Studies as they are promoting the best practice.

It is important to publish family tree information on a site that will endeavour to ensure it survives countless changes in technology..

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